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Choose your tower

Lattice and tubular towers of up to 30 meters height are available for ANTARIS small wind turbines.
All the masts have approved structural calculations and are delivered with foundation plans.
In addition, the lattice masts provide the possibility of having a surface for advertising attached.

Available heights:
7.0 meters
9.2 meters
12.0 meters
15.0 meters
18.0 meters
21.0 meters
24.0 meters
30.0 meters

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Overview of lattice masts
Overview of tubular masts[/vc_column_text][vc_divider show_line=“yes“ space_above=“20″ space_below=“20″][vc_ff_title el_type=“h3″ align=“left“ title=“Types of Towers“][vc_column_text]Lattice mast with advertising sign  and  ANTARIS tubular tower

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