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Insular Inverters – System Managers of an autarchic Energy Supply

The Insular Inverter Sunny Island forms together with the battery unit a standard AC current system; in which all components, power consumers and generators can be implemented. Through AC-linking and Sunny Island as system manager, SMA has developed a technological solution to the power supply of off-system remote areas as well as to the emergency power supply of unstable systems.

For the first time it is possible to link PV systems, ANTARIS wind turbines, diesel aggregates, waterworks or power station units as well as ordinary 230- V-consumers in AC-related ways. This makes the complex DC-cabling Superfluous and there is a maximum of flexibility. That level of flexibility allows to quickly adapt such an insular system to an increasing demand. This by SMA and BRAUN WINDTURBINEN GMBH developed technology makes it possible to supply most of the 1.6 billion people who have to do without power supply with electric energy.

Off-Grid solution (400 VAC) with the ANTARIS 6.5 / 9.5 kW for telephone stations in Saudi Arabia
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The ANTARIS Wind Turbines as Energy Suppliers for Insular System or Energy Containers!

The AC-Linking Concept for insular systems has been successfully used with many systems worldwide in the last ten years. Its advantages in comparison to conservative concepts lie in the planning of systems and the structure (i.e.: design, installation, extensibility and compatibility); and this simultaneously reduces the specific costs of the system. It allows the development of a future-proof and flexible power supply especially when it comes to the electrification of off-system remote areas. Further still-in-planning projects worldwide show the growing importance of this new technology with the configuration of efficiently-working insular systems. The quality of power supply in AC-linked systems is at least equivalent to the one in public power supply systems.

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Integrating the ANTARIS line supply into hybrid systems. The stand-alone inverter Sunny Island forms together with a battery unit a standard AC mains into which all components, power consuming as well as power generating,  can be integrated. Employing this AC connection, ANTARIS supplying energy and Sunny Island acting as system manager, SMA and BRAUN Wind Turbines GmbH have developed the technical solution to supply power to areas that are distant from power supply networks or to act as emergency generator in case of non stable networks. This means that for the first time PV equipment, wind energy generators, diesel generators, water power plants, block-type thermal power plants, as well as normal 230 volt electricity consuming devices can be connected without problems. Consequently costly DC cabling can be dropped and a maximum flexibility is gained. This grants the possibility of adapting such a stand-alone network to rising requirements fast and without technical difficulties.

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