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  • Max. load of wind turbine with double nominal power
  • 3-phase grid-coupling for all versions
  • Flexible, intelligent own energy consumption management of feed-in, effective heating, water heating, battery and dump-load via 4 separated DC- and 1 AC energy-outlet
  • Energy meter for feed-in and heat energy
  • Idle power control system
  • Battery backup – optional
  • Integrated control system for a wind turbine
  • Intelligent, accurately dispersed characteristic curve control for optimal use of prevailing wind
  • curve freely selectable after voltage – or rotor speed control
  • Various control mechanisms, e.g. rotor speed or wind speed
  • Switch to shut down the SWT with additional safty functions



  • Direct connection of the PM generator without additional devices
  • Wide input voltage range fpr PM-generators
  • Compact housing with terminal compartment to open separately
  • Passive convection cooling over a wide output range
  • Integrated grid and plant protection according to VDE AR-N 4105 (ENS)
  • Integrated grphic-display
  • Integrated web-server
  • Easy to use PC software Smart!wind Explorer for parameterizing etc.


  • Small wind turbines
  • Small hydroelectric power generators
  • Mini thermal power generators

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Application Examples

DSC04441 Braun_Galerie_2_049 CIMG1451 ANTARIS 6.0 kW 3-phasig[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=“1/2″][vc_column_text]

„Technical innovations should not be ends in themself – it must be an improvement for humans and the environment.“


ANTARIS small windturbines and the smart!wind converters build a perfect symbiosis.


The feed-in converter smart!wind was designed by SPE especially for small wind turbines (SWT) with a power range from 5.5 to 20 kW. Besides the control functions for a SWT the smart!wind provides several protective functions supporting a safe operation of your SWT. Small hydro plants as well as CHP’s offer additional possible applications. Our feed-in converter is available in the following power classes: SW-5.5 (new), SW-7.5 and SW-10.

Energy provider will be happy about the smart!wind because it holds an entire 3-phase grid coupling with 10 kW and integrated automatical switch (ENS) to disconnect from the mains after VDE-AR-N 4150. As standard the smart!wind provides system services, so as for example an reactive power control, usually only known from the large wind power plant industry.

Besides the classical tasks of an inverter the smart!wind is able to assume the entire control of a small wind turbine and stays very compact nevertheless. Except of the braking resistor no other external devices are required. Our product guarantees a proper starting of the small wind turbine and even controls every other state of condition at best. Its intelligent characteristic curve control leads to an optimal wind exploitation. The device monitors generator, wind turbine and mains and leads the wind turbine to a safe state in case of an error. As monitoring and protective functions generator speed monitoring and generator temperature monitoring are available standardly.

The smart!wind is equipped with a compact casing and a terminal compartment to open separately. The terminal compartment is designed generously and even has room for a short top-hat rail which may accommodate devices for options.

Additionally the smart!wind is adjustable very easily and flexibly to the respective SWT. Technical efforts and expenses are cut down substantially. If the device should not be adaptable by the designated parameters the software may be changed quickly and flexibly for being programmed by us ourselves.

The smart!wind has several energy outlets. Besides the feed-in to the mains there are to mention especially the heating and the battery charge. For safety reasons an energy outlet for the braking resistor is always provided as standard. The integrated energy management system distributes the energy among the outlets in such a way that the customer will benefit the most. The power unit is designed such that it is able to cope with produced energy up to 20 kW over a long period. In this case for example 10 kW are fed into the mains and the remaining 10 kW are used to heat hot water.

E.g. for operation in Denmark you may restrict the fed-in energy to 6 kW. Thus it is possible to participate in “net metering”.

Even the basic smart!wind is delivered with a graphical display providing a good overview over the current parameters. As to mention here are for example an energy counter for fed-in and heat energy. The smart!wind has got a switch to stop the SWT as requested in EN 61400-2.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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