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First news for 2017 from the ANTARIS Windturbines

Actually we are working on different sites world wide preparing the installations, mostly from the ANTARIS 10 kW Turbines.
1 site is in Saudi Arabia (Projekt „Arab Island“), it is on off grid installation with 300 kW.
The power will be produced from 10 pcs. ANTARIS 10 kW and PV. The diesel engine is only for back up.
Another site is in Morocco, there we have an hotel near the airport Tanger. Here we have also an 10 kW Turbine and PV.
Further we are working in Iran with several Antaris 7.5 kW, France with several ANTARIS Turbine sizes from 10 kW, 7.5 kW, 5.5 kW.
We´ll keep you updated when the installations are finished.

All the best in 2017 for our clients and partners all over the world!
You all made a great job in the last year, and we are shure it will be the same in 2017.
Enjoy the wind with ANTARIS small windturbines.

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